Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stuff to Do

Hi all!

Just taking a minute out to update the blog. Thing is, there isn't all that much to say. Need to write. Need to get the house clean (it's disgusting). Need to get my budget balanced and all of my paperwork sorted. Need to get the revised website to Cathy so we can make revisions and get the @&#$*$@# thing up.

Ah, the website. If you've been following the blog for about a YEAR now, you know that it is an ongoing issue. You see, like virtually every other author we know who has tried to get their website worked by an outside source, we got burned a bit. Not a LOT, and I'm not even sure it was the guy's fault. His life fell apart. And YES I know there are LOTS of reputable people who do that sort of thing, but they're hard to find, and they're BUSY. It's time consuming. And, more likely than not, more expensive than I can afford right now. And now it needs to happen NOW. So I'm going to try again.

Wish me luck.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Will be waiting to see the new site when you do get it up and running.