Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks to All

Thanks to all who responded to the post -- and HI YO!!!

Okay, with that said, I am not really ready for Christmas. Yes, I've done my shopping (but no wrapping or mailing, which I've GOT to do). But the real thing is that I'm NOT READY for it to BE Christmas. As in, "Holy CRAP, it's DECEMBER, I mean MID-DECEMBER? What happened to summer, and fall and all those months since, I dunno MARCH?"

Panic. Utter panic. I must be over the hill because I'm definitely gaining momentum!

Today the animals have been a pain in the patootie. I love 'em, but they are SERIOUSLY getting into mischief, causing messes, interfering with anything even remotely resembling work. UGH.

Speaking of which. Lucky the Wonder Dog wants back in. NOW.

Gotta run.


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