Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Job Folks.

Good job on the limerick. I'm not even going to contemplate what's in that bucket! LOL

Let's see. The holiday weekend is winding down. Will be headed back to the day job tomorrow. Got Cathy the website. Of course she's going to make changes, but that's part of the process.

My new photo is copyrighted to Timothy Klein and I purchased rights for use on our website. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm only showing it off here for a couple days with acknowledgement to him because I (a) love it; and (b) am hoping it will bring me good luck as to getting back to Denver.

I fixed the back fence, so that Lucky the Wonder Dog can get more exercise. She's been MUCH happier since. :)

Periodically people ask for a list of the books, thus far. Since the website is currently under revision (but OHHHHHH so close to finished -- I hope) . . .

Road to Riches: The Great Railroad Race to Aspen, Western Reflections Publishing.

THE SAZI BOOKS (All through Tor/Forge Publishing):
Hunter's Moon
Moon's Web
Captive Moon
Howling Moon
Moon's Fury
Timeless Moon
And, COMING IN AUGUST, 2009, the return of Tony Giodone in Cold Moon Rising.

THE THRALL/KATE REILLY SERIES (All through Tor/Forge Publishing):
Touch of Evil
Touch of Madness
Touch of Darkness

There are also lots of short stories in anthologies, and articles and such, but you'll have to wait for the webpage for those, because I don't have the patience to list them here. ADD strikes again (OOOOOH SHINY!!!)

OKAY, a bit of useless trivia for those of you who are into such things. This is also known as Cie being . . . well . . . Cie.

FIRST -- Much to Cathy's frustration, until an appropriate title was come up with for the third Thrall book, Cie privately referred to it as . . . "Touch of Oregano."

A friend called down to the bookstore and asked us to autograph books for him (which we are always glad to do), he told the clerk to have me "Write something really cool." Swear to you, the first (and only thing) that came to mind was "Ice Cube."

And now we're off and running for another day. Thinking about Jim made me remember that I haven't heard from him in forever. I think I'll pop back by The Werewolf Cafe and check up on him.




Anonymous said...

Oh that's so great. I can wait for the next Sazi book. I love Sue and Tony.Does the new website have a different website, because the one i go to is a little outdated.Can't wait to see the new website through.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for the fun game...

Anonymous said...

Sorry one more comment, i just read your amazon blog and i am soooo happy Ahmad gets a lover, i like him a lot from Captive Moon and Timeless Moon.I glad he gets his time.Also I hope to see Cara and Adam again, you left us with a mythyical apha pair and it your books

C. T. Adams said...

Hi Harry!

Same website, we haven't posted the new yet because Cathy is in the process of tweaking what I gave her. (We edit each other. We can't help it. Part of the whole co-author thing). Anyway, I REALLY hope it is going to be posted soon. Please keep stopping by. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too. On the 13th i'll be celebrating my 19 birthday, its a great year.