Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahhh . . . CHOOO

Hi Guys!

I'm back and in a much better mood today. Of course, after the last post I'd just about have to be!

Anyway, yesterday I didn't post because I got hit bad with allergies.


I have asthma. I have allergies and sensitivity to chemicals. Sometimes you can't even smell the chemical, but if it's there, I'm sick. Cleaning products in particular, some perfume bases, lotion bases, that sort of thing. Hell sometimes even perfumes I LIKE make me sick enough that I wind up needing an inhaler and hoping I don't wind up in the ER getting a breathing treatment.

So yesterday I walk into work and WHAM, it hits me like a wrecking ball in the doorway. I'm digging in my purse for the inhaler while my eyes are running and my nose is dripping and I'm gasping for air. UGH! Wound up using the last of my inhaler, and calling for an emergency refill -- RUNNING to the store for tissues (I went through an ENTIRE box in 1 day. No kidding.) and antihistimines/decongestants.

When I got home it dried up within an hour and I was breathing close to normally. So today my nose is red, my eyes are red, and I'm breathing just a little rough, but by tomorrow I should be fine. Just in time to go back to work on Monday. UGH.

I hate this. I really hate this. People who do not have this problem honestly don't get it. Nothing I can say or do will change them. I just have to avoid the situation when I can and take the medicine when I can't. I just keep chanting SOON, SOON. SOON I will be moving to Denver and writing full time for a while and it won't be an issue. SOON.

(END OF RANT)***********************

Anyway, I'm home and I'm feeling better and am in a better mood. I'm getting some house stuff done and writing stuff done. I kind of blew the budget with the unexpected meds and stuff, but we should be getting the on-pub check soon, so it'll be fine. I just need to be patient. Yeah, RIGHT, like that's my BEST thing. LOL

I'm signed up for the RT convention. I'm excited to go. Orlando should be fun. Writing is going well, slowly, but well. Cathy has approved the website, now I just need to get the FTP software, and figure out how to use it again (it's been a few years). I figure I'll get it online by the 1st. I hope. No promises though. If it isn't compatible we'll be at square one. (I don't even want to think about that.)

ANYWAY, I'm off to turn up the tunes and get some more work done. Everybody be happy and be safe.

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