Saturday, January 17, 2009


Good Morning.

Ah, no one appears to have been in a bent frame of mind the other night besides me. Oh well.

Let's see. Edits are necessary to the website. Hope to make them today. The first page is up, but the rest of the whole thing is still under construction. Ugh.

Getting ready to try to build a MySpace ad today too. Nothing like lumping all of my tech challenges in one spot! LOL.

I've been puny all week, which means I'm behind on everything, and I have a bad case of the don' wanna's this morning.

I am, however, in a good mood. :)

On a much sadder note, one of my son's best friends killed himself last week - on his 27th birthday. I am so sad, and so sorry for those he left behind. I understand debilitating depression, but it is a great sorrow when someone decides that they can't go on. I pray for his soul, and hope that he has found the peace he didn't manage to find here.

I know there are those who feel that suicides are damned. I hope not. Such hopelessness and pain doesn't deserve more pain to follow, and so much of depression is linked to biological problems. I believe that God (or Goddess depending on your religion) is kinder, gentler, and more understanding than that.

I don't know what to say, not to my son, or anyone else. Life is hard. Losing someone you care about is incredibly difficult, particularly when it is abrupt, unexpected, and unfathomable.

Unfortunately, on that particularly sad note I'm going to have to sign off.

Be well, be happy, be kind.


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Anonymous said...

Cie...I know what you mean about best friend killed herself. The bad thing was, no one had a clue. I had just talked to her and she seemed fine and happy and then I get the phone call. The ones left behind just don't understand. I don't think they are damned just ill. Hope you get your techno stuff done without a lot of problems. Good luck.