Sunday, January 04, 2009

Better Day Today

Today's a better day. I spent a good part of yesterday chilling with a good friend, and it helped my attitude. Today I'm doing my Sunday thing which is to say, nothing. Day of rest and prayer and all that. I need it badly once a week.

I'm going to go ahead and post the following. I thought about not, because it's kind of personal. But I'm going to do it after all.

The good news of the day is that I've been having book thoughts and ideas again. Enough that I'm having trouble keeping up with them.


See, when the health goes totally to pot, I can't think clearly. In my regular life this generally means I screw up my checkbook, forget simple things (like to turn off the tub until it's ready to overflow), and other equally fun stuff. (There are also some worse symptoms. But I'm not going into them now.)

In my writing life it means that I can only sit still for a little while to type without stiffening up and I can't come up with an original idea to save my life. That I am having ideas again means that I caught it in time and I'm coming back out of the trough and that I won't be bottoming out like I did before. I'm VERY glad.

With regard to the website, Cathy's tweaking. I'll let you know when it gets posted.
With regard to the deal with Tor, we've got it negotiated, now we're waiting for paperwork. But it's a VERY good deal for us and we are extremely happy about it.

The first book of the new series is on the burner, and I'm plugging away at it. Cathy, meanwhile is working on another Sazi.

Our next release is GASP (CRAP WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!) NEXT MONTH! It's called Magic's Design. Buy the book. Really. Totally unique world. Lotsa fun. For those of you who like romance, it's romantic. But for those of you who are action or fantasy buffs, I think it will make you happy too.

In August the next Sazi book comes out. Tony 1st person POV with Ahmad featured. Now come on, can you actually resist that?

If you subscribe to (or can buy) Romantic Times Book Review we have a greeting in the February issue, along with an Ad we designed specifically for it. AND we are in the nominees. Still can't get over how massively cool THAT is.

Still haven't heard back from the person I e-mailed. Hope it's just that she hasn't been on-line. But you never know.

Take care of yourselves. I'm off to pre-cook a bunch of meals and freeze them in individual sized containers so that I can just pop things in the microwave and not have to do the whole stove or oven thing any more than is absolutely necessary. But before I can do that, I have to go get milk. I forgot it earlier. Oops. (Okay, so I'm better. I'm not perfect.)


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Anonymous said...

Uncool on the health issues - I hope you feel better soon.

But wow, book out next month!