Saturday, January 10, 2009


WOOT!! I got to page 179 on the re-write of the first book of the new series. This is great. Wonderful good news. I'm back into it. I can hear the character again. :)

Oh, there's lots more work. But there's time to do it. And I'm very, VERY happy.

Celebrated this evening by watching "Stranger than Fiction." It is a very cool and fun movie for a writer, and quite good. Great cast. But it's a bit of an odd duck, so it didn't get a lot of attention when it came out. Anyway, it's one of my favorites.

I have used a whopping 6 tissues today. Which, compared to yesterday (with more than a full box getting used because of wicked allergies and an asthma attack) is pretty remarkable. My nose no longer looks like Rudolf. My eyes don't look as though I've been on a three-day crying jag. Really cool.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Everyone have a wonderful evening.



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