Monday, March 30, 2009


Attention all Lackeys/Minions/Posse Members.

I need your tee-shirt size. Unless, of course, you aren't ever planning on showing up at one of our events or book signings. In which case you won't be able to claim it anyway. But JUST IN CASE you actually HELD ON to that ugly, cheesy, hand-made (yes, I made it with my own two hands, computer, and office supplies) ID card, I have a deal for you. If you show up with it at any event where I'm live (and I don't intend to go to any dead. REALLY), you'll get a special Posse Members Only shirt. And YES it will probably be cheesy too. I LIKE cheese. E-mail the shirt size to: with "SHIRT SIZE" in the RE.

Mucho happiness. I gotta get back to work. Deadlines and whatnot.Cie


Suzette said...

Where do most of your signings occur? How does one become a lackey/minion/posse memeber?

C. T. Adams said...

Generally we post when we're going to be where ahead of time. Our next appearance will be at the big signing at the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando, Florida next month.

One becomes a Lackey/Minion by sending an e-mail with their snail mail address and the words CIE/LACKEY in the RE line to: . Originally you got to vote as to what term you wished to have used in connection with your service. (I currently have lackeys, minions, a Grand High Inquisitor, a couple of fawning sycophants, etc.) In exchange you will receive swag, special promos, and a truly cheesy membership card that includes a somewhat demeaning pet name that I make up on the spot.