Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday

Okay, Rosie is up on Cathy's blog. Sally forth and get your view, but come back and read this after. ;)

Due to technical difficulties (read blue screen of death, actually, I think it was a black screen of death, but you get what I mean), the entire mailing list for the Duet Gazette is GONE. Poof. (Actually more like crackle crackle with lots of accompanying swearing.) SOOOOOOOO, we're having to start the newsletter over. Sort of a Duet Gazette 2.0. But without the mailing list I'm having to make it up as I go along. I'm culling from e-mails sent to us, and people (like my family and friends) who I THINK want to be on it with the caveat that they're welcome to unsubscribe.

BUT if you're interested, I've set up a gmail to handle it, and will be doing it manually for the first quarter (I'm thinking quarterly. Monthly isn't as likely when I'm on deadline until I can get to Denver and hire myself an assistant type.) SOOOOOOO if you wanna get one (and I won't spam you, sell you out, or display your e-mail when I send it) e-mail me at: or with MAIL ME BABY or something like that in the Re.

In the personal area, RT is coming up fast. (Think Indy car with no brakes fast.) We're going. Hope you are too. There will be signings. There will be drinking (at least by me). There will be networking and schmoozing opportunities. Hope to see you there.

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