Monday, March 23, 2009

Aw come on guys. . .

Somebody write something. Comment. I'm getting LONELY over here. Do you even like the stuff I'm doing? Or should I just talk? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?


Anonymous said...

LOL, I am here, and I do read and like your stuff. Blo0gger ain't been letting me post is all.


Unknown said...

well hello there Adams. I gotta say, I enjoy your books immensely. I love the make believe world that you have created. I've read several of the sazi books and one of the thrall series (got some more on hold at the library...) I liked the sazi books so much I almost named my new puppy sazi.

That being said there are a couple of things that don't settle well with me. This is just constructive criticism so I hope that is how you take it... but in all of your books, I have noticed small editing errors... like instead of 'off' its 'of.' or sometimes small words are missed (like an 'a' or 'an').

The other thing that almost made me turn away from the series was the second book I read, Moon's Fury. In the beginning of the book, there is a body of text dedicated to explaining how much care was taken in making the facts plausible for the setting in Texas. That's all great. But when it came to the Minneapolis aspects, where I live, I found the details lacking. It was a little offensive to read about how much research went into providing details about Texas, but practically none was done for Minneapolis. I too have pride in where i live and your comments seem to have ousted the entire Twinki community. Yes, Franklin is a bad area. No, we don't say (or let me amend: nobody i have heard from here says) 'dontcha know'. That's definitely a dialect of the northern region.

Alright, those things being said, I still love the world that you have created but more attention to details would be great. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for your next books.

C. T. Adams said...

Thank you for posting, and for reading. What DID you name the puppy? Now you have me curious. LOL As to the copyediting question, we try, we REALLY try, but some errors just do get through despite our and the publisher's best efforts. (SIGH).

I'm sorry you were disappointed with the Minneapolis section. Cathy researched it heavily working with some other people who live there. It's very disappointing that we didn't manage to make it accurate. When/if it goes to reprints, what would you like to see changed?

Again, thanks for the comments.

C.T. Adams

Unknown said...

I named the puppy Neuro... cause he's got a lot going on in his silly little head.... he's so cute! (he's not too big or fearsome either... definitely doesn't really fit the sazi breed)

As far as the reprint question... nothing needs to change. it just seemed like we were stereotyped with the dialect... just weird cause i don't know anybody that uses those catch phrases in everyday speech. and with all the hulabulub about researching Texas to make it realistic... I was just like 'Hey! what about us? we don't talk like that!'

but it's all G.

So i've got a question for ya... how do begin to formulate your stories? do you just have this general plot outline and work from there or what?