Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Teasing

Hmnnn, I'm supposed to keep teasing you.

Boy, this is really hard. I mean, you're there, I'm here. I suppose it's sort of like phone sex. Only there's no phone. And no sex. JEEZ. Okay, maybe it isn't.

Okay, so come by Monday. Read the blog. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

Oh, and I've contacted a couple of tech types to see if they can work with me to get the website finished. Cathy and I are really on deadline, so we can't do it, and having it half-done is driving me nuts.

Oh, and I LUCKED OUT and got an autographed ARC (advanced review copy) of the new Jim Butcher book, Turn Coat. OHMIGOD IT SO ROCKS!!! I wanna write like him when I grow up. Really. Really really. You NEED to buy this guys.

OK, gotta go.

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