Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay guys, Rosie is up on Rachel Caine's Blog today, and it is a HOWL! Please go visit. You want to laugh, you KNOW you do! Besides, the plot has THICKENED.

Oh, and guys, because it's not moving fast enough to wrap on one time around, it looks as if we'll be doing a second round. SO, I will make sure to CAREFULLY LABEL which posts are ROSIE and which are your Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial. Although honestly, you can tell them apart because Rosie is funny (and PINK, very PINK), whereas the SMBS ISN'T.

Okay, gotta go.


Cie/C.T. Adams

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Anonymous said...

I love Rosie. Thank you for posting such a great story with wonderful witty writing. It's amazing that the different authors can keep continuity while still writing in their own voice. Keep up the good work and I anxiously look forward for the next installment.