Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial (Yeah, I spelled that right).

Okay folks, the Saturday morning serial has been postponed for a week. Why? Because HOPEFULLY (assuming we can round up our other authors -- and rounding up authors is like herding cats) we're doing our blog ring next week. If we CAN'T raise everybody then it may have to wait two weeks.

HMNNNNN, let's see, am still recruiting. Come on guys. I've got prizes, I've got cards, there are openings in my organization for: Lackeys, Minions, Toadies, Super Spies, Not-Completely-Trustworthy Allies, and Fawning Sycophants. If you are clever enough to amuse me, you can even come up with your own title. Special thanks to those who have already enrolled. The swag is now packed and should go to the post office tomorrow. Assuming I can get there when it opens. (That's more of a challenge than you think guys. They open AFTER I have to be at the day job and CLOSE before I get off at the day job and they're always packed at noon (go figure!). But the Minions/Lackeys/Toadies and Sychophants who form my Posse are WORTH IT!

Working on some limited edition bookmarks reminding people about the new name. If I like how they look I may wind up printing a gazillion or so of them and sending them to cons and such.

Speaking of cons. ConDFW was a blast! It was great to see everybody. I had a great time.OH, and GOOD NEWS --- a book that has been sitting gathering dust on the shelves for a decade may have found a publisher. They've at least requested a copy to review. Keep your toes crossed (fingers are for typing).

The draft of the next Sazi book is progressing. Cathy has currently chained her muse to the computer and is bribing her with chocolate for a full-out rush to the finish.

Congrats to my sister and brother-in-law. They're having their 38th wedding anniversary. WHOA . . . . and they're still crazy about each other. Really cool. Best wishes.

I'm trying to come up with contests. I'm not sure what to do. What do y'all want? I'm kind of crafty, used to do art (but am WOEFULLY out of practice). Occasionally knit neckscarves in various colors. Have author swag. We can do trivia stuff, whatever. Comment below with wish list. (And be real folks, I may be a Not-So-Evil Overlord, but all this recruiting has strained the budget, no "ten million dollars, a trip to the Bahamas and a good-looking companion to go with me." If I had that, I'D be in the Bahamas, letting said good-looking man feed me peeled grapes.)

Best always, comment here or at MySpace -- I want to hear from you.

C.T. Adams

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