Monday, March 30, 2009


OKAY folks, Rosie is progressing apace. Cathy's post tells the sad tale of poor Pollyanna, while Brad and Sue have left a real cliffhanger. You need to go look.

Visiting dignitaries have begun sending in their interviews. Since I'm on deadline, I used pretty much the same questions for everybody. (But this way you can compare the information).

Drawing for the ARC (possibly two since Cathy has been appropriately bribed with cyber chocolate) is this evening at 5:00 my time. If you haven't already registered go to . Winner will be notified by e-mail so that they can send a snail-mail address for mailing the prize.

The Duet Gazette Newsletter au deux (rebooted, version 2.0 or whatever) will be coming out April 1. It has all sorts of information in it. So you want it. (You know you do!) To sign up enter the contest above.

There is going to be Rosie Hughes swag. We are in discussions. It is in the planning stage. The contest will probably involve trivia, so be sure to go read it and pay attention.

Okay, gotta run. Day job calls.

If you can't be good, be careful.
If you can't be careful, be GOOD.



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