Monday, March 02, 2009

Herding Cats

OKAY! The cats have all reported in. But nearly everybody's on deadline, so Rosie is in suspense for another week. It will start next Monday.

I am supposed to tease you, tempt you, and get you all hot and bothered about the story. Sort of the heavy petting of blogging.

Consider me to be whispering in your ear, maybe while nibbling on your earlobe:

"Come and see me next Monday. You know you want to." I purr. "We'll have so much fun." Nibble nibble. "Nobody needs to know. You can trust me . . . "

(So, is it working?)



Anonymous said...

Hi Cie...I just can't tell you how sometimes, your blog makes my day. Yes my days are pretty ordinary and downright boring. Your wit is a gift and thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dolly completely, its great being able to read your blog...