Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fully Caffeinated and Functional

Okay, up, caffeinated and functional.

First, you NEED to go check out Rosie Hughes. REALLY.


Next, I'm not hearing from the posse regarding shirt sizes. Only one response. Does this mean you're closet nudists (or nudists without closets, because, after all, for a nudist, a closet is somewhat redundant/meaningless)?

Oh, we will be sending out the interim rebooted newsletter tomorrow. Look for it. This one is the work of Cie's own little fingers, future ones will probably be done by people who actually know what they're doing (GASP).

I'm also on deadline now, so posts will be short (how sweet will depend on how the writing is going). Bear with me. The book's due on 5/1 so it's only for this month.

Oh, and Bacchus came through the vet visit okay! But he may well be older than I thought (he was adopted from a no-kill shelter and they guesstimated his age). I now have samples of geriatric kitty food for him.



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