Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Okay, now that you've gotten caught up on Rosie, you can have your morning serial.

Old Friends/Old Enemies - Continued (again)

"Oh shit." Tracker muttered. I couldn't have agreed with him more. Helena, at her best is hell on wheels. I don't even like to think about what she's capable of at her worst.

She's stunning, really seriously beautiful, with blue black hair that hangs down to her hips and milk white skin that wouldn't dare get a pimple. Her features are absolutely perfect. She'd be utterly irresistable if she wasn't so damned scary. As it is, most men, women, children and small animals are smart enough to stay out of her way. There was no way her coming here was a good thing. And if she'd found us, her mentor wouldn't be far behind.

Helena's a great match for Evan in looks, attitude, and power. Oh, and she was my supervisor on my first job. She knows me just as well as I know her. That was so bad. Because she'd know that no matter what she did to me, I couldn't use magic against her.

Life is seriously unfair.

While I am occasionally dense, I am not generally completely stupid. I swore, grabbed my backpack from the cart, and ran down the nearest aisle, dashing past fifty pound bags of potting soil and spray guns with fertilizer. I felt magical energies shifting as Helena gathered power to strike, and her reinforcements arrived through a portal.

"Helena NO." Tracker shouted. "Don't. She's innocent. She didn't do it!"

"Of course she didn't." Evan's voice was smooth, seeming to come from a spot not twenty feet away from me. I couldn't see him over a pallet of landscaping bricks, but I could tell he was sneering. "I did."

I felt him loose a bolt of pure power, and Tracker began to scream.

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