Saturday, April 18, 2009

ROSIE HUGHES/Meds are Kicking In/OOPS/NEWS/Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

ROSIE HUGHES/Meds are Kicking In/OOPS/NEWS/Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Jeez -- I MUST have been gone a couple of days. There's LOTS to say.First -- THE ROSIE HUGHES PROJECT is with Jackie Kessler today. This may be the finale folks and there may be penguins. Truly "must see" blogging. Go forth. I trust you to come back.
(I hope the link works. Tech is not my forte lately.)

Second -- THE MEDS ARE KICKING IN. Hallelujah! WOO HOO! I'm feeling LOTS better and should be able to fly to RT without exploding eardrums now.

Third -- OOPS! In the course of fevered idiocy I scheduled TWO Visiting Dignitaries for next week -- WHEN I'M AT RT. And then promptly forgot to post the information on one of them. So I sent out a special alert to the folks getting the newsletter (and if you haven't and want to, go to and am posting here and on Blogger.

Monday we will have Jade Lee. And yes, I know I'm not varying the questions very much. There is madness to my method. . . um, switch that. (Although it's probably true either way). (1) I want to get different authors from different genre's take on things; (2) I'm on deadline; and (3) Do I look like Diane Sawyer to you?

On the 22nd (which is, I believe, Tuesday, but I will have to check) we will have Yasmine Galernon. WOO HOO!

Fourth -- NEWS -- A couple of things that are cool.

Jim Butcher hit #1 on NYT. WOO HOOO!!! It is so COOL when good things happen to a friend.


Laurell K. Hamilton will be doing a Visiting Dignitary interview in July. :)


The authors participating in The Rosie Hughes Project are working out the kinks, (NOT THAT WAY -- Get your mind out of the gutter!) and are kicking around the possibility of putting together the entire series into a book for sale, with illustrations, and all proceeds to go to charity. Stay tuned.


Cathy and I are going to RT. There will be a big signing. There will also be all kinds of events. I do not know if I'm going to be blogging here much. I'll try, but it may be you get a recap when I'm back home.

Fifth - I want to apologize for a minute here. I've been writing very short entries for Rosie and The Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial the last couple of weeks. I'll do better after May 1. (Although Rosie will be over by then.) But the actual book writing has to take precedence, and if I get too "into" another world and hero/heroine I have problem getting back into the head of Celia in the book. So I have to be careful. Bear with me.

OKAY, that said. Do you have your bowl and milk?

When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was in the garden center at WalMart with Tracker, trying to escape Helena Troy (parents can be so cruel) and Evan. Tracker was unaware of the danger and thus got caught in their trap and is screaming in agony.

Old Friends/Old Enemies (Continued yet again)

Tracker was screaming.

CRAP. I had to do something. Had to. I had a gun. I even know the basics of how to use one. (You can't work for Bob and not get the firearms safety lecture. Too many loaded weapons lying around.) But you have to see the target. To do that I'd have to get in a position where they might see me first. I shuddered with real and reasonable fear, and with revulsion as I began to smell burning hair and flesh.

NO! Taking a deep breath, I slung my backpack on my back and began climbing the metal shelving like a spider monkey. I was trying not to make much noise, not that they'd be likely to hear me over Tracker's screams and Evan's laughter.

Yeah, LAUGHTER. The bastard.

They hadn't noticed me. Laying flat on the top shelf I got in the pack and pulled out the revolver as quickly as I could. Praying, I switched off the safety, and began firing.He stopped laughing when the first shot (my third) hit him in the thigh. Screaming in rage and pain, he fell to the ground, his left leg useless. Helena screamed too. Ducking around the corner, she gathered her magic and sent a blow where I'd been, missing me by a scant inch as I crawled down the top shelf until I was at a point just above and beside Tracker's moaning form. I felt Evan and Helena gathering for another blow. There was no more time. Gathering my own power I decided to try the only thing I could think of, opening a seam in reality beneath Tracker's body and diving in after him.

It was our only chance. It had better work.


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WOW! What an exciting post! Welcome to all the authors!

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Thanks for the great seriels!

And thanks for the package I found in today's mail!