Monday, April 20, 2009

Visiting Dignitary -- JADE LEE

WOOO HOOOO!! Folks, let's give Jade a warm welcome. She's even going to try to pop by and answer comments, so please do. There may even be a prize for the first to write in. ;)

ANYWAY, I’m going to dive right in. Is there any one character you’ve written that is your absolute favorite? Why?

I shouldn’t confess to having favorites. Really, there is something I love about every book I’ve ever written. Absolutely, flat out adore. But, if you’re going to force me to pick…I am thrilled by the love story between Sabina and Cordain in DRAGONBOUND. I know, I know, you think I’m promoting my latest book, and of course I am. But even my editor said this is his favorite book of mine. Plus, I’m having trouble writing my next book because this one worked so very, very well. I don’t know if I can do it again.

Individually, these two people are good, powerful, strong characters. That’s a must for my books. But for some reason these two gelled more than anyone else. I don’t know what it is, but once the two get on the stage together, the power just quadrupled. Sabina and Cordain FIT. They are the only one for each other, and it’s obvious from the get go.

A little background—DRAGONBOUND is a fantasy romance (and is the sequel to DRAGONBORN, but you don’t need to read them in order if you don’t want) Anyway, think medieval world with magic and DRAGONS. The hero Cordain used to be a dragon. (trust me, it gets explained). When he was a dragon, Sabina was his dragonmaid. She brushed his teeth, oiled his scales, cleaned up his poop…etc. They had a bond then like a woman and her pet, but thanks to secret magic, it grows into something more. But by the time he’s become a man, everything is twisted and difficult between them because of the bad guy. (There’s got to be a bad guy!) And then they have to find their way back to each other while preventing a war! It’s a wonderfully complex story of love, and I’m so pleased with it, I could just bust!

Writing is hard work! Have you ever had the dread WRITER’S BLOCK? If so, what do you do to get past it?

Writer’s Block, IMO, is having nothing important to say. No love story to express. No deeper themes to explore. And through I’m rarely without words, I’m often without important words. Okay, yeah, usually, I just babble. But to get past the …I-have-nothing-intelligent-to-say, I usually meditate, pray, and go rollerblading. I also read because that can sometimes really free up my creativity. Let me stress that I do NOT write religious fiction. I just use the quiet time to open myself up to something intelligent to say. And it turns out, that God has more intelligent things on His mind than anything I could possibly come up with! And He fits it into a format I can understand…which usually has a lot of sex, adventure, and LOVE!

Which genres do you like writing in best? Why?

ROMANCE. I write ROMANCE. Love stories. Sex. And HEA. Within romance, I can write anything, but I like historical romance and fantasy romance, with a smattering of contemporary too! My latest regency-era romance is THE DRAGON EARL. It opens with a woman about to marry an Earl. She’s in her white dress, at the altar with her groom, and they’re all in an old Norman church. When up the aisle walks a guy in saffron robes. He says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know I’m late, but I’m here now. We can get married.” He’s the long lost earl that everyone thought was dead. He’s been in China in a Buddhist fighting temple learning kung fu. And now he’s back and she’s supposed to marry him. But he’s in a saffron robe and bald!

You’ve already heard about my fantasy romances in Dragonborn and Dragonbound. I also write for Blaze. Newest one comes out in September called In Good Hands.

So, what does your schedule look like for the next few months? Anything new coming out that we should keep an eye out for? Tell us a little about it.

Check out Dragonborn and Dragonbound. If you have any joy in fantasy romance or dragons…they’re fabulous books!

What type of books do you read for pleasure? Any favorite authors?

EVERYTHING! Jim Butcher’s Dresden books are the only books I’ll buy in hardcover. I’m reading Water for Elephants right now and it’s delightful. Also can’t get enough of historical romance.

Do you have a day job, or do you write full-time?

I write full time!

Do you have any hobbies?

RACQUETBALL! I used to be a pro racquetball player then my knees went out. So…now I play as often as I can, but only as long as my knees work!

OKAY, I’m going to do one of those short MEME things here.

Favorite song: At the moment? My daughter was just Maria in West Side Story, and I cracked up when she sang, I Feel Pretty. It is so her! So…That’s my favorite song right now.

Favorite movie or TV show: I’m a Whedon-ite. I love his work. So…Serenity was awesome, Firefly (the tv show), Buffy. I’m enjoying Dollhouse too, but haven’t decided if I LOVE it.

Favorite color: Today? Green grass…fresh in spring.

Favorite food: Chocolate and coffee. No particular order.

Favorite drink: Mocha Latte. Duh. See above!

Is the glass half-full or half-empty: The glass is a whole yin/yang entity. It cannot be taken in parts without being diminished.

What animal do you think is most like your personality? A dog. Which is sad because I’m really a cat person.

If you could only give one piece of advice to new or aspiring writers, that would help them in the business, what would it be?

It’s a marathon not a sprint. Work a little every day and there’s no stopping you. Try to do it all at once and you burn out. Big time.

Thanks again for this. Do you mind if I take the piece of advice and put it in our newsletter and on our website in “The Craft Corner”? (If no, it’s okay, but I really would appreciate it.)

Sure. No problem!


Tammy said...

Welcome Jade!

Love the interview!

While I haven't read your new one - YET - I have read a couple of your older titles. I liked Seduced by Crimson and your short in Boots were made for stomping.

Dragon is on my to be bought when enough money list.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Jade just called me to say she's on the road without internet at the moment, but that she plans to check in tonight!

donnas said...

Great interview. The only book I have been able to read so far was Seduced by Crimson. But I loved it and cant wait to read more.

Suzette said...

I havent read Jade Lee yet! How is this even possible? Looks like I'll be checking out your books. I love Dragons and will have to put you on my list of authors to read.

Jade Lee said...

Hello all! OMG, you have no idea the trials and tribulations I have gone through to get on the internet. So I've quick run over here to say hello before I lose it again! This is SOOOOO frustrating!

Anyway...Hello! If you have questions, please feel free to ask! I'm here! (For a moment anyway...)