Monday, April 06, 2009

Rosie Hughes v. Kristan Higgins and OY

Okay, today Kristan Higgins was scheduled for a visiting blog. But Rosie Hughes (like all good villains) has proved a LOT harder to kill off than originally suspected. And it's my turn. SO, in order to do both things properly (even I am not schizoid enough to post both in one blog in one day. So no.) I'm having Kristan's visit on MySpace, and Rosie here.

The MySpace address is:

She is awarding a prize to the first person who posts a comment. So go read.

All right. On to Rosie:

Chapter 12 - It's a Tough Unlife for Vampires

This was really and truly not my day. I mean, most vampires don't get days. But even for a day this one sucked rotten eggs. Way worse than that time in Savannah. Even worse than getting thrown off the building.

And it was all Max Hunter's fault.

Well, all of it except for the sunblock running. THAT could be laid at Pollyanna's door. I'd kill her for it if Morgana hadn't already done the deed.

Poor Morgana.

Sighing, I huddled further back in the shadows of the belfry of one of the city buildings. I needed rest, but how was I supposed to sleep with some stupid committee meeting going on? Talk talk TALK.

So, if I couldn't sleep, I might as well make my plans for the untimely (and ultimately slow, painful and ugly) demise of one Max Hunter. Hmnnn now let's see . . .

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Going to be interesting to see what comes