Friday, April 10, 2009



Shouldn't be grumpy today but I am. Frustrated. Maybe it's hormones. Maybe it's the fact that I apparently angered someone who I like quite a lot. Enough that she's not talking/e-mailing, contacting me in any way to tell me what it is I've done.


Okay. First, let me say, I'm not the worlds most socially adept individual. I've spent a goodly part of my life living in my imagination, inside my own head. This doesn't necessarily lead to the greatest social skill set. Observation -- oh yeah. Writers observe the heck out of things. What kind of gestures people use, facial expressions, turns of phrase. But for me, the whole social thing . . . not so much.

One of my big problems is expectations. Everybody has 'em. And they are so ingrained that nobody thinks they should have to SAY anything about them. (Okay, I have my own expectations too, so I'm not down on everybody else here.) But if you don't TELL someone that you expect that "If you like me you will call once a week, e-mail daily, and never, ever, say I'm wrong about anything." they're probably not going to live up to it.

Now some expectations come from basic societal norms. And you'd think I'd be OKAY on that one. You'd be wrong. Oh, I got the top ten. Religion saw to that. But otherwise, um. . . you want me to what? And then there's the regional variations. And I'm now in Texas, which is SOOOO different.

But there you go. Either things wiill straighten out, or they won't. Have to go to work.

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Tammy said...

((HUG)) I'm sure things will work out soon.