Thursday, April 23, 2009

RT/Computer Fits/Calendar & Contest

RT/Calendar/Borrowing a Computer


I'm trying ONE MORE TIME. I am borrowing a netbook from Cathy. It is very hard for me to use because my fingers are large, the keys are small, and the flipping base jiggles every time I hit a key. But I am persevering because there is stuff you need to know.

FIRST, RT is a blast. Hi to everybody. Special Hi to the contingent from Rosemary's Books from Australia. And to the cover models because, well, because.But this is actually a business trip. And with that in mind, I've been working hard. I've done some writing. (Despite the perils of the freaking netbook.) I've also been in contact with LOTS of writers, many of whom have now agreed to be Visiting Dignitaries. WOO HOO. In the course of talking with everyone we (Cathy and I) came up with an idea.

It is very important that books be pre-ordered. The sooner the better. Buyers for the bookstores determine their orders six months before a release date. If they don't know your favorite author IS your favorite author, and that there is a demand, they won't order as many (or maybe even ANY) copies. Since more and more bookstores are going to face out, there will be less available shelf space and less variety. Cathy has done a wonderful post on this on Witchy Chicks blog, and we will probably put an article in the newsletter.

As a service to writers and readers, we are putting together a year-long calendar of releases for authors we know in various genres so that (a) you can order early if you like and/or; (b) you will know a book is available by your favorite author even if it isn't on the shelf. (And if it isn't you can always contact the staff at your favorite bookstore to have them order you one. They're there to help).

ON TO THE CONTEST. That's right folk, it's contest time. We have been told we're getting some cover flats for promotion purposes. SO, we're going to have a couple of autographed flats available to winners. Here's the plan. Those of you already signed up for the newsletter, write to us at with FLATTEN ME in the RE line. Those of you who haven't signed up, this entry will enroll you for the newsletter, but you can always unsubscribe. (But you'll break my heart. Not making you feel guilty or anything. Just saying . . .). SO, new subscribers put SWAG ME BABY in the RE line at the same address. One winner will be drawn from each group at random/name in a hat style. Entries are due by May 15.


Tammy said...

I LOVE the year-long calendar idea, I have already use a notebook, but it seems like I miss someone, this will be a HUGE help!


Chris J. said...

I am loving the all year calendar idea as well! Looking forward to more on that idea. :)