Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Deadline Insanity


Okay, we're in the last month of the book deadline. My mojo has returned and my muse is happy. But my BODY is trying very hard to say "screw you buddy." I love to travel. Travel does not love me. It exhausts me, which trips the trigger for a couple of the chronic medical conditions. UGH. Still, there you go. The deadline is the deadline. I am up in the wee hours writing, then writing again after the day job. The house is filthy (and will get filthier yet before I get the book finished). All of the many, MANY other things that a writer has to do to keep things rolling (interviews, sending swag, sending interviews OUT, updating information on the website, writing up proposals, etc., etc., etc.) have to wait unless they are absolutely critical. The book comes first as the books are the engine that drive the whole machine. It is a familiar scenario. That doesn't make it easy.

ANYWAY, I'm blogging quickly before I duck out and get ready for the day job.

The visit with the family was wonderful. Glad I went. But OY am I TIRED.

Now I'm off and running.

Be well. Be happy.