Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Touch Annoyed; and Measure Your Heads

Okay, I'm a touch annoyed. Just a touch, but enough to post about it.

I have charities I give to regularly. I have charities I give to if I'm particularly flush and the mood strikes me. One of the latter (and if I knew which one they'd never see another dime) SOLD MY ADDRESS INFORMATION so that I'm now on what I delightfully refer to as "THE SUCKER LIST" and am getting mailings from charities I've never heard of, and schtoof stuffing my mailbox. ALL OF IT WITH MY FREAKING NAME MISSPELLED TO BOOT.

Now most of these agencies are good, useful charitable organizations. I understand that. And I might even have supported them. But I can't support them ALL. And I'm not impressed at having my information sold. And as Ms. Aoams (how the hell would you pronounce that anyway?) I am beginning to feel harassed. Every day. EVERY DAY I'm getting stuff. And it's a waste of their money soliciting, and a waste of my time and energy. These charities would be better off saving the printing.

On to more pleasant things.

Points are progressing on the Brownie Points. Attapeople to those who got the correct answers. On Monday I will post point status before the next question.

The fedoras are arriving from Ebay. I now need my hatters to do me a favor.

These are real hats. Not the costume stuff. Some of them are actually vintage. SOOOOOO I want them to at least come close to fitting. Could you please (and this is GOING to feel silly. You know it is) take a tape measure and measure around your head at your forehead? I'm pretty sure you know where to e-mail the results and your name & mailing address by now, as there are only 4 of you and you're my most regular regulars. BUT just in case: .

And while it will come as no surprise to most of you, I do, in fact, have a big head.



Dolly said...

They did the same thing to me Cie. My family has been blessed lately and I really wanted to pick a couple of charities and help. Now I actually get more requests for help than I do advertisements and bills combined. I'm with you on this one. All the money they spend on "gifts" and labels and mailings could be better spent. Whoo...I feel better now.

Suzette said...

Emailed my head size to you