Saturday, July 25, 2009

Help Please.

All right guys -- I have a couple things here:

First -- SCHWAG HAS HIT THE MAIL. Minus the hats. Some of them haven't arrived yet from E-Bay.

Second -- I want input on the current breakfast serial. Is anybody reading?

Third -- WE NEED YOUR HELP! Okay, there's a competition going on at Barnes & Noble .com (I will provide the right link when Cathy sends it). We need votes. LOTSA votes. PLEEEEEEEEAASE tell everybody to vote for our Touch of Evil. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.THANKS!

Oh, and I may be going to some Cons in the near future. Will post where in the official blog and here too.



Tammy said...

Take a deep breath, you sound like you're almost hyperventilating.

Cool on the swag, will keep an eye out for maillady (I swear she sometimes takes things that have my name on them).

As for the serial - yup I'm reading it, matter of fact I had to go back and re-read the previous entries for this one after reading yesterdays.

Will vote as well.

Dolly said...

Cie...we're here for you. I never miss reading the morning serial. I don't always comment but I will start to let you know I'm there. Soon as I have the website, I will definitely vote. Just so you know, I have a daily routine about reading certain authors' blogs. Yours is the first one I read everyday.

C. T. Adams said...

Thanks guys! The voting thing may turn out to be a hoax. If not, I'll let you know.

Sorry to sound so needy (laughs and rubs toe in the dirt), but it's taking me a bit to warm up to Jo. She's different. That's for sure.