Friday, September 04, 2009

Late Start

Getting a bit of a late start this morning. Got REAL REST last night. WOOT!

Plenty of weird dreams to ponder as well.

Hope everybody is going to have a great weekend. I am going to finish the flipping book and GET THIS HOUSE CLEAN. I've been sick. I've been tired. I've been working my fuzzy tail off (although there's still plenty left). But as I have been doing all of these things neither the cats nor the dog have picked up the slack. I keep telling the long haired cats that their tails would be the perfect dusters, but to no avail. I believe, if I could translate, that the translation would be unprintable, but would also include an explanation of -- I clean myself with my tongue. No. So no.

Well, gotta run.


1 comment:

Tammy said...

LOL - my one long hair cat probably says the same thing, then next thing I know I see her with a cobweb on her tail or on the top of her head from someplace. So who knows, maybe she is cleaning... ::grin::

Happy Holiday!