Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, it's Tuesday, and I have a lot to do, so this will be a little short.

Today I'm reflecting on BALANCE.

I think balance is one of the founding principles of the universe: up/down, left/right, male/female, good/bad, black/white, joy/sorrow --- anyway, you get the drift. The contrast is what makes it work. Unless you've felt sorrow, joy isn't as intense. Right now I'm on the exhausted end of the energized/exhausted scale. It's getting better, but I pushed myself too hard. UGH.

Copy edits are coming to us in the next couple of days with a short turnaround, so I need to get my act together to get them done.

Working on a proposal for a YA 2 book and on the first book.

Doing the whole motivational thing, because ultimately, while other people make fun of it, for me it works.

Working on a massive push to get applications out the door for work in Denver.

Working to catch up on all of the crap that has been put off (including getting my tax stuff to my accountant!)

Oh, and I have a conference I'm going to this weekend.

But I'm not busy at all. NAH. LOL.

Well, back to it.


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