Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Okay, I believe a lot of things. Among them, I believe that a person who is truly motivated and willing to work hard can accomplish amazing things in a relatively short time. I also believe that it is easier for them to STAY motivated if there are people cheering them on, giving advice when asked (and NOT when NOT), calling them to task when they are slacking off, and generally being a progress buddy.


I am hereby issuing a challenge to any and all who want to take me up on it.

From now until Christmas Eve Eve (i.e., December 23rd), I am running a "I CAN DO IT DAMMIT" Challenge. Every Friday I will post on both of my blogs my progress (and failures) toward my 2 goals. (I can't pick which, so I'm doing both.) Every Friday in the comments, the people who are participating post their progress and failures. Honor system folks. I trust you to be honest.

If, during the week you need a boost, or want to give a boost, you can e-mail me at with CHALLENGE in the RE.

We will start this Friday. You have until then to decide what you want your goal to be.

On the 23rd I want everyone who participates to post. You can say if you reached your goal. You can say if you didn't. Whether it helped, or didn't. Whatever you want to say. You can tell me if you think we should do it as a New Year's Challenge again after the holidays. Whatever.

Now, if you think this is a bunch of . . . ahem, male bovine feces, you do not need to participate. That's cool. But I've been down because I've been stuck. I've not been attacking my goals because I've been down (because I've been stuck). It's a vicious cycle, and I'm SICK OF IT. So, this is my plan. You are welcome to participate, or not. PLEASE no attacks or bitchiness. None of us need any more of that---we really do all get enough of it day-to-day. Really. Positive non-hurtful posting is what we're looking for.

Okay? Any takers?

See you Friday.



Suzette said...

I'm in!

Dolly said...

Sure, why not.