Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Welcome to Another Day

Good Morning!

I sent the book off to Cathy last night. It was still too short, and will need her expert care, but I'd reached the point where I was tinkering and doing more harm than good. I'd also reached that stage I get once or twice a book which my son refers to as the "Step Away From the Computer" stage. The words "It all looks like dreck. I can't write. What am I thinking. I should just hit the delete key" run through my head. I've learned not to actually DO it (and hell, I can't afford it. They PAID me for those words. I'm not giving back the money if I can help it!)

ANYWAY, it's to Cathy now. I can rest a little. I NEED to rest.

Ellece, you had indicated you'd like to hear one of my dreams. I'm not going to tell you the night terrors. Not happening. BUT I had a good dream the other night, so I'll spill that one.

I was dead. I knew it. But it was okay. Because I was in heaven. And heaven for me boys and girls looked a whole lot like the house I used to have in Denver (only cleaner) except that it was in the middle of this beautiful meadow. I could step out onto my big front porch and look out over miles of wildflowers and knee high grass. All of the animals I've ever had were there---but not at once. (They'd fight and get jealous if they were). So while I'd watch my dog Missy would be running in the grass, and phase out and poof Lucky would be running in the grass instead, then Rex, then . . . same with the cats (only indoors).

I went inside and was puttering around getting ready to start up the computer when my son arrives. Now I'm immediately concerned. "You're not supposed to be here yet. You are not dead." And he said, "Um, no. I think I'm sleeping." And he's looking around, wide-eyed at everything. "I've been worried about you Mom."

"I'm fine. Happy." He came inside. He was surprised to see the office set up. "You even have a computer now?"

"You're not going to believe this." I chuckled. "I'm a MUSE. I give people IDEAS. That's my job in the afterlife!"

"Oh WOW. That's so cool! Do you need to get back to it or something?"

I waved away his concern. "Let 'em suffer. They can wait a little. Maybe they'll appreciate it more that way."

We both laughed. I asked him if he'd been writing, and he sighed and said no. He just didn't seem to be getting any good ideas. At which point I gave him a somewhat evil grin and said. "That can be arranged."

And that, my friends ended the dream.


Suzette said...

Wow! Interesting. It sounds like a great idea for a book. Author dies, becomes a muse. Something Contemporary and funny or even paranormal and naughty. HA, you could make it work, I know you could.

Dolly said...

Great dream. I was worried about you. Good to get away from the book for awhile. We missed hearing from you. Take care