Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ah, job hunting long distance in a recession era. Aint it grand (NOT!).

Anyway, got up at 4:00 and came in early to send out applications. Got a few done.

May I say that the whole apply over the internet thing is definitely a mixed blessing?
Good -- I can apply from home or office in Texas without having to actually haul my butt up to Denver.
Bad -- They don't give you any room for comments or individualization and it is impersonal as hell.

I have a very colorful and complicated life. My resume is a little odd-looking because of it. But when there's no room to comment, it's hard to explain that "Yes, the dates overlap. I always worked at least two jobs and wrote books at the same time. I'm an insomniac."

ANYWAY, I hope I hear. Because I heard from my landlady, and the home where I've been living may not be available much longer. CRAP.

Keep me in your prayers!



Suzette said...

OH my. Good luck with the job search! Maybe landlady will be willing to go month to month.

Tammy said...

Good luck with the job hunt!

Maybe if you explain to landlady she'll be willing to do what Suzette says and go month to month.

C. T. Adams said...

She already has been. They may have a buyer who wants to move in. Like I say, prayers and crossed fingers needed.

Dolly said...

Sending prayers and good mojo your way. Too bad your posse doesn't have really good connections in Denver. We would definitely help out.