Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Status

I'm here. A little flaky, a little tired. But I'm hanging in there. Trying to get the house clean and relax enough that I have enough brain cells working to write. We'll see.

Hope you are all doing well. Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging. I'm going to keep moving forward. Hope you are all doing well and are happy. Be sure to post.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

See you tomorrow for the serial. :)


cfisher1504 said...

Hang in there!! I got your pkg!!!
I love it!! Thank you!! I'm not sure what
I did with your email address..Some days
I swear my head is not attached!
Try not to over due and relax. I have learned
from the loss of my son that the only that
Truly mattets is health, family
and good friends. Cara

Suzette said...

Got my fedora, love it and the oprize pack I had won. LOVED it all! Thanks

Tammy said...

Hang in there and keep trying to relax.

Package? Nope, but that's ok!