Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial (Delayed)

Okay, I've been spending the day writing a YA that is a lot of fun but is seriously hormone fueled, high-octane angst. To get my head into this I have been watching the teen drama oevre on Hulu. The OC, One Tree Hill, Everwood, Dawson's Creek, etc. This has made it very hard to shift my head to wrap it back around the serial. But I will try.


Ohmigod. What to do? "I'm fine. Really." Jen turned to smile at Bonnie. Euphoria was beginning to bubble up within her. It was real. It was really, really, real. Ohmigod. OH MY GOD!

She stuffed the tickets into her purse and pushed the cart out to the car. She needed to keep quiet about this until she could turn in the ticket. The bank wasn't open. If it was she'd be down there in a heartbeat, putting the slip in her safe deposit box. But it was closed until tomorrow. So was the lottery office. Where was she going to hide it where no one would look for it.

She was almost to the vehicle when it hit her. THIS was what they were looking for. Somebody already knew. Had to. But who? I mean, the pool of people wasn't endless.

Oh shit.

What was she going to do?

She practically threw the groceries into the car, her mind racing wildly. They'd already searched the house. They wouldn't look again. Would they? Would they think she had it with her. Oh God, was she even safe?

"Calm down." She told herself as she climbed behind the wheel, immediately hitting the door locks. "Calm. Everything's fine. Jake was with you in Hawaii. He's at the house now. He's a cop. You can trust him. Just breathe. Take it easy. You can't drive when you're like this."

She forced herself to take slow, deep breaths. It helped. She wasn't exactly calm, but at least she was capable of driving. She'd drive home, explain everything to Jake. Tomorrow she'd make the long drive to the Lotto office at the capital, cash in her ticket, and start her new life.


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