Friday, November 13, 2009

Status Check

Good morning friends and neighbors.

All righty then. For a status check thus far this morning.

__X__ Up. Out of bed.
__X__ Teeth brushed, showered, and generally not physically offensive to the public.
__X__ Shopping done to purchase TP and minutes for phone, cleaning products, and stuff for the critters. Groceries put away.
__X__ Walking done for exercise.
__X__ Minutes loaded on phone.
__X__ Breakfast eaten.
__X__ Posts to internet re status.
_____ Clean out fridge, clean litter boxes and trash out before garbage guys get here.
_____ Find addresses and prepare all shipping labels
_____ Bank for money to pay for postage.
_____ GOTO San Angelo to mail all packages; buy ink so I can produce bookmarks, etc. Start Christmas shopping. (ARGH)
_____ Second pass edits on Book 2.
_____ Copy addresses from ruined address book into new one.
_____ Clean out old purse and shift to new one. Old purse into washer.
_____ Calls/E-mails to writer buddies about possible "Creature Feature" and "Double Feature" entries.
And that my friends, is my day. I'm halfway there at 7:08 a.m. (not really. I mean, the first half items were pretty easy, but I'm thinking positive. SEE. I CAN be positive!!!)


Tammy said...

You've got that much done by 7:08 AM? My hat's off to you! It would have taken me half the day or longer to do that stuff. Although I'd put off the run into town (30 minutes away in good weather) for my ink (yeah I need some too).

CONGRATS on getting so much done, heck I was still sleeping at 7:08 this morning. Me lazy :-)

Dolly said...

So organized. I always play it by ear. If I try to make a list and then can't do it, I get very anxious. Good for you though. I'm envious.

Suzette said...

Yeah, um, in LaLa land at 7:08 so wow, you did get lots done! Way to go!