Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vampire Elimination and Other Weirdnesses

Okay, I didn't post the serial yesterday. In fact, didn't do much online yesterday. Went on a run to the city with the co-author and discussed a lot of important stuff and even more not-so-important stuff. The time off has been good for me. Still haven't completely pulled my head together, but it's slowly improving.

The topic of the day is the weird crap that writers discuss. For example. Vampire elimination. No, not the elimination of vampires, (either in fiction or life) but the "if your vampires can only drink fluids, and they use the blood they drink to replace their own, DO they eliminate? Liquid only? Have their digestive tracts died and become useless.

Now seriously guys, who else but a writer would get into a vigorous discussion about (literally) vampire sh** or the lack thereof? Hmnn?

And we wonder why people treat us like we're weird.


lexcade said...

we just think of the stuff no one else bothers to think of.

and i personally think that all the fluid just gets absorbed into their bodies, which is why they have to replenish so often. when they're first made, they have to replenish frequently to rehydrate their tissues, organs, etc, but once they reach a certain level, they can do it less frequently. hence why the older ones can go for years without drinking.

or something like that.

Tammy said...

I can honestly say I've never thought of it. LOL

Hmmmmmmmmmm now that I have I have to say I think lexcade's idea sounds about right to me.

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