Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Trivia & Posse Stuff

Okay, I'm going to cheat a little. ;) I want y'all to read the posted chapters over on the joint blog (assuming you haven't already. If you have, you get attaperson points--10 BIG attaperson points.) SO, the trivia question is based on the posting.

What does Celia use to seal the breach in the perimeter?

Answers to with TRIVIA in the RE.

Oh, and FYI, getting a good response on the Creature Feature; Double Feature; and Amateur Hour as proposed. SO, it looks like it will be a go. Eventually. When I get my act together a little more (i.e., get myself a 2010 calendar so I can keep better track of when who is doing what for how many cookies.)

Oh, and Posse Members -- Send me birthday greetings in the next week with an updated address (if it's changed, or if you don't trust me to keep track of it without an assistant---and you might not be able to. You know how I am.) so that I can send out the Christmas goodies. I'm actually going to try to get them out before Easter. ;)

And I am still taking applications for new posse members. Posse members get the best goodies (eventually) and generally get lavished with lots of attention by yours truly, the Not-So-Evil-Overlord. Send your application (grovelling is ALWAYS appreciated) and your preference as to: Lackey/Minion/Synchophant (only for those with rhythm enough to do a truly spectacular happy dance)/Other along with any special qualifications and your snail mail address for the forwarding of schwag.

Answers to with POSSE in the RE.


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Cie!

I also sent you a regular e-card. Hopefully you'll get it.

C. T. Adams said...

I did. THANK YOU! Love the kitty. :)