Friday, December 31, 2004

Ignore this post.

You might as well ignore this post. It doesn't say anything worth reading. I just needed to clarify my thoughts about some boring personal stuff.

Went to the chiropractor. I'm feeling MUCH much better. But as one of my resolutions, I need to get in all round better health. So I'm moving the healthrider out of James' temporary room and into the office so that I will actually use it to strengthen my upper body (which I was told to do by the chiro because of the upper back/shoulder problem -- not use the healthrider specifically, but he said it would work well for the strengthening I need). I am also using a bit of the check to buy myself a new bicycle that actually fits so I can ride it to and from work most of the time. The first three months I was down here I probably only drove my truck 5 times altogether -- but the last couple of months I've been driving everywhere. No surprise, my weight started creeping back up as I got less and less exercise. There seems to be a magic point in my weight where all of the sudden I start having health problems, and I've crept back to that point. SO, it's gotta go.

Got a lot of work done at work yesterday while the boss was out of town. I'm caught up and glad of it. Next up. Writing.

I am a bit of a workaholic. Not COMPLETELY (although my son would say I come pretty damned close). But like many women (hell many people, why be sexist?) I can't really relax unless I know the big things are done. Now everybody has their own "big thing" triggers. Mine don't make sense to a lot of folks. But I haven't been able to relax at all no matter how many fun things get thrown my way, because my "big stuff" is staring at the back of my skull making me feel restless and guilty. I want to start out the new year with things being DONE so I can RELAX for a few days. I'm willing to work hard to accomplish that.

I want my house clean again.
I want there not to be piles of dirty laundry.
I want my office organized the way I want it and things NOT TO MOVE OR BE ADDED.
I want to balance my checkbook and figure out where the money is going to go.

I WANT TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!

I've been too depressed and stressed to take care of those things and others. I need to get control of my life again so that I don't lose everything I've been making for myself because I'm too sick, tired, deoressed and scattered to take care of things.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...


I chose NOT to ignore the post!

I wish you the best in all the things you want to get done heading into the new year... it's never ending sometimes, isn't it?

Well, we're already in the 1st of January 2005 here, it's currently 11:29 am.

... And I can't wait to read all the stuff you write!

Good luck with all of the health stuff too. That's very important when you want to get things done.

See ya in the new year! :)

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