Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Good Morning

Just sitting down to breakfast and writing a quick note before work.

Got some writing done this weekend. Spent a lot of time resting. I'm doing a little better physically, but it's slow going. Ugh. I'm hoping I will have improved enough by tomorrow not to have to call the doctor and ask to switch prescriptions. I SO do not want to get pneumonia again. It is actually one of my goals in life (remember, I was setting goals -- this is on it) Never get pneumonia again. My current boss is one of those people who has *never* been sick for more than a day or so in his life. A cold, maybe. Or, he actually got the chicken pox a couple of weeks ago. (A mild case). Do you have any idea how envious I am of that?

Ah well, HE doesn't get to write books. :)

Writing went well this weekend. Making progress. Cathy tends to write very close to a finished product with her draft. I work differently than that (which is partly why it's slower). I draft out a skeleton and then flesh it out during re-writes and edits. It seems that if I don't get the plot laid out very fast my characters wander off in all sorts of interesting but unprofitable directions and I lose the thread of the story.

Anyway, Cathy sent me the first chapter of the next book. It's VERY good! But we both have been bemoaning the fact that third person is just *different* and harder for us to write because we're not getting *into* the character's head as much.

An acquaintance of mine, Jay, is pondering writing a book. He's been pondering it for a while. I hope he does it. But I understand it's hard. Life keeps getting in the way -- along with all the psychological *stuff* (Fear of success/fear of failure, feelings of inadequacy,), and the actual mechanical difficulties of putting ideas into coherent thought, and thoughts into words, and words onto the actual paper.

Well, I have two minutes to finish my breakfast and start working. I'll talk to y'all later. Hope you had a great holiday (those of you in the US), and those of you who aren't -- hope you had a great few days.




Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, but I won't be happy until you're feeling ALL better, so per my past three post "get well soon!" Ia m on my way to my part time job now!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I agree with Jim! Good to see you're improving but well wishes for a FULL recovery soon!


David Tellez said...

Your boss never gets sick? UGH...stick a fork in him, he is so done!

Anyways, I hope you get better soon, and I hope the writing works out for the 3rd person. Maybe you could base him on your non-sick boss...hmmm?