Friday, May 13, 2005

Good News

Good News!

We just got a review from Jill at RT for Moon's Web. WOW. VERY good, very flattering. I am SOOOOOOO happy. Thus far everybody likes Moon's Web better than they liked Hunter. Since Hunter was very well received, that makes us VERY happy and bodes well for the future books!

The next two Sazi books are going to be in 3rd person. Very different for us. Yes, we've written in third person before (and will again), but it's a slower process. I, personally, find that it's much easier to stay "on track" in first person. You ONLY have to worry about that person's point of view. What they see and what they know. So, if you have a compelling character that can maintain interest, you're set. But a lot of readers really don't LIKE first person. Third person gives you the privilege of other viewpoints and an overview. Both have their place, but I just find that I stay focused better with one POV, and that makes the whole proess easier and quicker.

Work is almost back to normal. Thank heavens! Unfortunately, every goof I've made for the past (almost) year since I got here all came to roost this week. UGH. I just keep telling myself that everybody makes mistakes, that none of them were irretrievable, and that I just need to work harder to see to it that it never happens again. But I HATE HATE HATE it.

James is doing OK. He's getting a little frustrated I think, but that could just be the fact that I had to call him in the early early morning (not his best time of day) because my schedule for today is fairly insane.

Writing is getting back on track. It's a little slow, but I've been having problems with exhaustion from having pushed my body too far for too long. Hard to be creative when you're having trouble forming a coherent sentence. Rest is definitely on the agenda for this weekend!

Well, gotta run!


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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I'm glad you're getting GREAT reviews for MOON'S WEB - you guys deserve it, WEB was EXCELLENT!

Have a GREAT weekened!