Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good News and Stuff


Ok, I don't think I've posted this yet. We got a GOOD review from Mrs. Giggles!

Mrs. Giggles is a NOTORIOUSLY hard reviewer (to the point where a lot of folks are scared to get their stuff run by her) who very specifically DOESN'T want authors to provide her with books because she doesn't want them to think that they'll automatically get a great review. I like the concept of fairness in that -- but I hate the idea that some people actually think a good review would be a quid pro quo!

ANYWAY, she finally got hold of Hunter's Moon and she said WONDERFUL things about everything EXCEPT Sue. She HATED Sue with a wild and fiery passion! (I believe the comments included something about shoving the character face first into a wood chipper -- LAUGH). We've always known that Sue would be hated. She's so realistically weak. People always know someone just like her who drives them NUTS.

As a result of that brutally honest great review sales are back up. AND she wants to review the sequel -- Moon's Web. WHOO HOOO!!!! (Cie is doing the happy dance!)

Tonight I'm going to work on an article giving a sneak peak at Moon's Web for the LKH Newsletter and re-reading Web so that I can (a) do a good job on the article, and (b) Make sure that Catherine "fits" with the time line because the times overlap. I'm getting ready to go forward on Catherine again and I want to make sure I don't screw it up! (Darned illness that just WONT go away has been keeping me from getting things done, but I THINK it's almost over!)

Saturday we're having lunch with the woman who won the gift basket and ARC of Moon's Web, but other than that, my holiday weekend is blissfully free to RELAX, GET HEALTHY, WRITE and Work on My Goals!!!!!!

That's right folks, IT'S GOAL TIME AGAIN! See, periodically I put all my goals in writing with a plan how to get to them and how long it should take, etc. Sometimes they change, but mostly I have to update them when (BLARING TRUMPETS AND DRUM ROLL) I'm actually achieving them fast enough to need an update. (WHOOO HOOO!!)

SO, goal time is a GOOD time.

Gotta run!



Anonymous said...

Cool about the good review, and she sounds like a very funny critic. Have a great holiday weekend! I hope it doesn't rain as I am going to a BBQ at my Parent's house on Sunday (and it is supposed to rain here all weekend, oy).

Yolanda Sfetsos said...


Hope you meet your weekend goals... reminds me that I need to check my list again! I made one at the end of last week and all sorts of things popped up this week which kept me from meeting even one of them! :(

That's great that you got a great review for HUNTER! You know I loved that, and the OTHER one too ;)!

The thing about Sue is that I can't understand why people don't like her SO much. I liked her and understood her position... not every female in the world of fiction has to be strong. That's not realistic - even in fiction! Besides, she's got her own strenghts.

I hope you have a TERRIFIC weekend and get a lot done!

JIM - how you doing? How's your dad doing? Have fun at the BBQ!

Anonymous said...

Doing good Yolanda, and my Dad is doing o.k. (it will take time). Have a great weekend all!