Sunday, May 29, 2005

Happy Holiday

Hope everybody is having a good time over the long weekend. I'm taking it VERY easy. Mostly sleeping due to the Rxs. Got a little writing done though, which is a good thing.

Happy news! We've gotten a couple of reviews now of the mystery anthology, "Secrets" (the one with the contest to guess which stories are fact and which ones fiction). ANYWAY, in both of them, my story got singled out for really great praise! (YIPPEE)

"The Apple Doesn't Fall...." is a standout short mystery, complete with a riveting plot and well-drawn characters. You'll be motivated to see what else author C.T. Adams has written, and good news: there is a backlist.

Reviewed by Jamie Engle

ALSO,we received a bookkeeping sheet for the sales of Hunter's Moon through December and (DRUM ROLL) WE EARNED THROUGH!!!!! IN ONE MONTH!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!!

OK time for some major attagirls! Which is really a good thing because since I've been feeling lousy physically I've been feeling bad about my writing. I'm really SO much slower than Cathy. AND we're doing these two in third person which is just hard for me. But perseverence is a BIG thing, and I will just KEEP plugging.

I do think that if we haven't contracted for a bunch when we get these three done I may go back to one of the mysteries I was writing. I would like for us to have books in more than just the paranormal romance section -- although that really is my first love.

We'll have to see.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get my act together and (a) write and (b) get things organized to buy the house and get my finances straightened out. Wish me luck! Who knows, I haven't checked my lottery ticket -- I may just be a multi-millionairess and not know. (LOL)

Later guys!



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Nice to see you keep getting such good reviews!

Hope you enjoy your long weekend...


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your being sick and that it is slowing you down on the writing (but that's completely understandable), what a drag though, well, I hope you get well soon. Oh, good luck with your lottery ticket (I bought one too this weekend), wouldn't that be nice to win like "Sue" did, ha, ha!