Saturday, May 14, 2005


WHEW! Made it through the week! It was a rough one. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around my boss and I were both completely exhausted!

Cathy is wrapping up the edits to Touch of Evil, (a/k/a "Kate"). Apparently it's going to be considerably more "romantic" but remain an action/adventure at heart. Here's hoping I like the changes. I'm not really that romantic a gal. But the goal is to give the best book possible to the readers, and most of them wanted more "oomph" to it. I'll be going over it quickly for polishing and to check for consistency. It's always tricky after a major edit and there have been several for this book. Kate's a fighter, and she's fought us every step of the way.

I'm getting back to Cat. Since it's been so long I'm going to re-read what I've gotten down so far and the plot outline Cathy and I worked up. I've got my Christmas CD out and am hoping to really kick werewolf and were-jaguar butt! My deadline isn't for a while, but we have some other deadlines looming rapidly and it's just a good idea to be AHEAD of the curve instead of scurrying along behind it. Sometimes I feel like my life is summed up by the little guy with the broom on Rocky and Bullwinkle who sweeps up after the parade! (I think it's in the section on Fractured Fairy Tales).

Thus far 2007 is a blank slate. Nothing is contracted yet. BUT we are working on a couple of proposals for a couple of science fiction books. Very promising. Of course we're also hoping there will be demand (DEMAND I SAY) for more Sazi stories and another Kate. We want you to be as geared up and anxious to get our books as we are to get books from our favorite authors.

Speaking of favorites. Dead Beat is out by Jim Butcher. Great book. I love the whole Harry Dresden series. Wasn't as into The Codex Alera, but hey, you're not going to love everything by an author. (Except us. You are definitely supposed to love EVERYTHING we do... RIGHT?) I got completely caught up in the story as it rolled along. I would never have noticed the little inconsistencies that made it to print if people on the boards hadn't brought them up. Now I want to re-read it. But I gave James my copy, and the blasted thing has SOLD OUT it's first run. (WHOO HOO JIM!!!!) I'm going to call to see if my favorite bookstore still has a copy and have them hold it for me!

Also liked the newest Merry Gentry book by Laurell K. Hamilton. The time line is so packed that a lot of things didn't get resolved that were hinted in the previous books, they're still looming out there. But it had enough going for it that I didn't mind. I also think it was one of the better written books Laurell has done for a bit. Especially since the time line was so crunched.

Well, I've got to go. I need to get my day started. Most of this weekend is dedicated to REST, but there are some things that just need doing. So I'm off.

Everybody have a great weekend.

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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

YOU have a GREAT weekend too, okay? Make sure you get plenty of rest... and I can't wait to read TOUCH OF EVIL, it sounds very interesting!