Monday, May 09, 2005


Monday glorious Monday -- NOT.

James arrived safe in Denver and is now working on getting a job, getting an apartment, and getting settled. I am working on getting my life organized so that I can get writing because deadlines are zooming up to me at an alarming rate.

I'm a LITTLE less exhausted than I was, but not by much. Work this morning was INSANE because it's Monday and a court date for the criminal docket as well as some of the civil cases.

ANYWAY, I'm just grateful that things are going as well as they are. I'm hopeful about the future. Nervous about James' situation, but he's a grown up. He can handle it. (Probably as well as I can if I would just relax about it. But I'm a mom. Moms do NOT relax when their children are involved.)

Conference was wonderful. Met lots of terrific people. Read some great books. Saw lots of good looking cover-model types who were running around in skin tight tee-shirts that said "Got Sex? We do!" Saw my folks, saw a couple of friends I hadn't seen in years. Got to ride on the train in a sleeper car (which was one of my 100 things I want to do before I die.). All in all, pretty wonderful. Worth the exhaustion.

Well, back to work. Busy day. Hope to write early tomorrow so I can actually TALK to you guys. But I do hope you'll post. Pretty please?



Anonymous said...

Hi Cie, I've been posting off and on all along (you can see my responses over the past few weeks). Yeah, I hear ya on James too, hope he is happy out there, I know it's got to be hard being a parent, always wanting the best for the kids and worrying, but if things are real rough, I'm sure he knows he can go back out by you, I wish him the best (must have been a rough Mother's Day, huh?). Still cool about that convention, so the cover models were wearing obnoxious T-shirts, huh? Ha, too funny, I can't even imagine what a three ring circus that had to have been, it would be fun to watchj all that, ha. Oh, I will be off-line until I get back from my family reunion, so midweek next week I'll be back.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

PHEW... sounds like things are still pretty busy for you! Hope you get a chance to relax.

I know what you mean about the being a mother thing - and mine's only 4 years old!

Glad to see James got to Denver safely and I wish him the best. I know its hard for you to let him go, but sometimes getting out on your own is really important. I know, I did it and it helps with a whole bunch of life experience!

Well, you can count on Jim and I stopping by all the time... it got a little lonely the last few weeks with only Jim and me posting.

Hope you have a GREAT family reunion Jim!

See Ya Guys!