Sunday, December 21, 2008


I got it done. I did. And it looked GOOD. ALL of it. From the main page to the sub pages to the SUB SUB pages it worked. The links worked. Everything.

Then I loaded it onto the jump drive and was going to take it to Cathy. Exhausted, but doing the happy dance (VERY slowly).

THEN I did something dumb.

I decided to check it.



It didn't work properly. Somehow or another it lost all of the cute little things we paid Calaban for (which I will now have to recreate so that they DO translate) and there were font weirdnesses (which is actually a fairly easy fix, but @#*$#$@ IT ANYWAY).

THIS is why I don't learn and do tech routinely. This right here. The frustration. YES I can learn it. I'm even pretty good at it. But it takes time I don't have and leads to the kind of frustration that drives my blood pressure into the red zone.

But I am stubborn/determined. It needs to be done. Needs to be done NOW. So I will take my Sunday off that I earned, then I will get up obscenely early and I will fix it. And I will check it to make sure it STAYS fixed, then I will give it to my business partner who WILL like it (I hope), and we will get the @#$*&@#$ thing LOADED where it WILL work and not need to be re-done because of some freaking software glitch. SO THERE! RAWR!!!


Cat Hellisen said...

OMG this would drive me up the wall.

Well done on staying sane. :D

Anonymous said...

I dont know what draft you finished yet, but congrats..Thanks for writing i love the work.I just finished all the Sazi books, and i saw that Tonys getting another book and im excited!!I hope this world keeps going..

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Merry Christmas Cie!

PS. I hope everything worked out in the end.