Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Not-Quite Christmas

Happy holiday, of whatever your flavor. Since I'm a Catholic, mine's Merry Christmas!

I got off early from the day job today and came home and have been working to fix the issues with the website. I THINK it's done. I THINK. WOOT!! I will give the jump drive to Cathy on Friday to see if she can get it to upload, or if we're going to have to try to translate softwares. Keep your toes crossed. Fingers are for typing!

Tomorrow is going to be quiet for me. I'm not going to visit any of the relatives. I've spent my travel wad by job interviewing and visiting my mum when she was sick. Just as well. I need to rest. Symptoms have been acting up. Besides, there's writing to be done.

Anyway, today I am happy. I'm not going to question that too much. Just enjoy it.

Everybody take care.


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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Cie! Enjoy your quiet day (I am doing the exact same as you today) and kiss all your cute critters for me. :)