Monday, August 03, 2009


Cold Moon Rising is out tomorrow. If you can buy it the first day/week, please do. The spike in first week sales determines whether or not an author makes the bestseller lists. :)

As to Monday Morning Trivia, I had a question all lined up, and promptly forgot it. OOPS. Senior Moment Strikes Again. So I've made up a new (and regrettably easy) one. Mail your responses to

What is the full name of Wes from both the Buffy and Angel series? (And yes, spelling counts. ;) )

My todo list is a seriously frightening thing this morning, so I'm off and running.

Be good. Be happy.

Cie/C.T. Adams


Dolly said...

Already preordered my copy from will arrive tomorrow thank goodness. My sister-in-law and I can't wait!!

Tammy said...

Will be gettin mine when I get groceries on Thurs of Fri.

As for the trivia - no idea, I barely watched those shows.

Breezy1323 said...

I got mines and as soon as i finish reading my soul to take im going to knock it out