Thursday, August 13, 2009

Le Sigh and Stiletto Spy School

Le sigh. Power went off last night right after my entry. Couldn't write. Read a little. Rested mostly, and cursed the 100(ish) degree high humidity heat when I couldn't even use a fan. UGH. Pity for the animals with FUR. Of course they don't get hot flashes, so maybe that evens it out. I wouldn't know.

I think I've figured out what I'm doing for my 50th birthday. I read an article online about the "Stiletto Spy School." It sounds really, truly, fun. I mean, I SOOOOOOOO want to connect with my inner Bond Villainess. I need to get in better shape, but I'm exercising, and I now have a goal.

SO, while I'm working on that. I have been debating appropriate Bond Villainesque names. Things like E. Z. Rider, and Hun E. Pott come to mind.


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Shannon said...

Not very inspired but I did find a villan name generator at