Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Trivia

Okay guys. Gotta get writing. SO, short and sweet.

In Moon's Web what did Aspen Monier do to humiliate Ahmad?

And for a bonus point:

What did Lucas do to celebrate?


jim0825 said...

she magically glued him to the ceiling and lucas took pictures and had his blown up and framed to go on his wall

Dolly said...

I agree with Jim0825. Great trick by the way.

Suzette said...

I emailed you this mornig. Fingers crossed!

Jim and Dolly, I dont know if you are aware but responses to trivia questions should be emailed. I think she is trying to make it fair. Please dont feel like I'm telling ya'll what to do. Just want to help get the info out.

Suzette said...

Don't laugh, I can't spell ok, you can laugh.