Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Trivia & Status

Okay, first, I'm better. Not perfect, but better than I was. I'll have to be careful for a bit, because once I've had a bad spell it's easy to keep having them. So I'll be careful. Dammit.

Now for trivia.

For two points -- Name the lead character in the Weather Warden Series. Bonus point if you name the Big High Muckity Muck Djinn.

For FIVE points -- for those of you who've had a chance/couldn't wait with your copy of Cold Moon Rising. Type out the first line that appears on page 98.

As always, send your answers to And don't forget to list all of your aliases. :) (I am particularly partial to the not-to-insulting nicknames.)

1 comment:

Suzette said...

I answered. Not sure if correct but I did email you. Unfortunately for me I couldnt answer five point question since I can't pick up book till later this week. Funds....always an issue:-(

Glad to hear you are better Cie.