Friday, November 12, 2004

Feeling Better/Personal Stuff


I was just grumpy as all get out the last several days. Today's better. Don't know why. It's cold and gloomy outside -- but then again, cold and gloomy down here is still warmer than I'm used to this time of year. No snow yet either. Which means the body hasn't been hurting like it usually does this time of year. So, while I've been tired, I'm not in pain, which is a major big plus!

Anyway, apologies for the all round growly tone.

It's fun, we got a translation of the German on the site where they were discussing Hunter. Cathy and I each posted a reply to them. I'm just thrilled that there's so much buzz about the book. I sent an e-mail to most of the people I'm still in touch with in Illinois and Denver with updates about how the writing is going and with the picture of the new cover (which is WAY cool).

Cathy's doing a great job of amping up the romantic/sexual tension in the vampire book. Good news. I just have to admit that since I'm determinedly single at this point in time I have a hard time thinking romantically. It's just not where my mind is at -- particularly when I'm tired. When there's somebody in my life, I can manage romantic quite nicely. But I've been alone for a while now and I guess I'm just out of the habit. :) Maybe I need to work on that? ;)

Anyway, we've gotten through the week. It's not quite 5:00, but I'm thinking positive! Looking forward to a great weekend.

Everybody take care.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cie,
Just found your blog here, how cool! I can't wait to see the new cover you are talking about (especially since you are so excited about it). Hey, regarding the dating thing, you have a good attitude, you'll know when you know. I really feel that big things are going to be going your way and Cathy's way, I am so excited for you both, you both work so hard at what you do, I'm so excited for you both. Only a few more days to the book release, I'm excited about it too.
Your internet pal,