Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Whoo hoo! It's official. Not only official, but REAL enough that my mother was able to go to her local Borders today and buy copies off of the shelf. Yeehaw! I am doing the happy dance.

(I know, I'm supposed to act all sophisticated and cool, but you know what. Don't care. You can't make me. Nah nah nah nah nah. I'm just too HAPPY :D)


Anonymous said...

Cie and Cathy, let me be the first to officially congratulate you (on your own website) on the official release date of "Hunter's Moon," which is technically 6 hours and 10 minutes away where I live (but only 5 hours and 10 minutes away for people who live in New York, so they can go out and get their books first). Is a bottle of champagne going to be opened soon?

Anonymous said...

WOW, am I a space cadet, TODAY is the 30th! CONGRATULATIONS! I thought today was the 29th for some reason (I think I'm working too hard, the days go by so fast like a blur lately). CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

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